Provider of Walnut Creek Foods as well as upparalledled customer services.

We bring the highest quality goods and professionalism to our customers as well as hassle-free sales and customer support. You can count on friendly, knowledgeable service.

We are a food distribution company that serves northern Michigan and the U.P. Perfect for grocery and convenient stores, gas stations and the food industry alike.

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The Farmers Creamery

Low pasteurized, non homogenized cream top milk from the Farmers Dairy. Working with local small Amish and Mennonite dairy farms together they bring you The Farmers Creamery. What does this mean for you? No Added Hormones

Wagon Wheel Dairy

When people think of happy cows grazing on green open pastures, California cows often come to mind. But did you know that the cows at Wagon Wheel Dairy in God's country are even happier?

Subs, Burritos and Sandwiches

18th Street Fresh is about taking a stand for Deli. For real meats, cheeses, breads and sauces. This is about earning a reputation through ingredients, not compromise. This is about knowing where you came from and upholding those roots and traditions—a deli made famous by those who put in the hours and believe that quality and taste shouldn’t become lost in convenience.

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